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+ Other Stadia + Ballparks Projects

Bowling Green State University

Doyt Perry Stadium Renovations

OSPORTS was retained to conduct a thorough condition assessment to identify and document all concrete deficiencies. A report was delivered that contained the survey findings, recommendations and associated repair costs. Based on the recommendations provided, OSPORTS was directed to develop construction documents that corrected all safety hazards and addressed deterioration that would otherwise shorten the usable service life of the stadium.

In addition to the repairs to the seat decks and superstructure, OSPORTS designed the complete renovation of the visiting team locker room, golf practice facility, and press box to modern day standards. OSPORTS developed a comprehensive design that included upgraded finishes and enhanced energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems. The club space finishes were selected to promote the BG Athletic Department’s branding philosophy. The architectural upgrades included new fixed seats that provide an unobstructed view of the playing field. Provisions were made for a new bar to ensure that all the required amenities were available to the club patrons. New LED light fixtures were strategically located to provide a uniform appearance to the stadium spectators sitting across the playing field from the press box. The HVAC system design included a control system that was user friendly and also energy efficient.

As part of the scope for the visitor locker room facility the locker room space was expanded by demolishing walls between the locker room and existing underutilized storage spaces. By expanding the locker room size, a new coach’s locker room including toilet and shower facilities were also provided. All finishes including custom lockers, flooring, ceiling, and wall finishes were provided in the new locker facility.
Project Cost: $4.8 Million
Completed: 2018