Master Planning & Fundraising

Our dynamic economy is forcing owners to make strategic planning a top priority. The Master Plan allows for the owner to effectively plan for the future.  It can be "phased" as short-term, mid-term and long-term project/facility goals or be developed as "options". In any case, these conceptual projects have an estimated cost associated with them, so they can be targeted in the future. The typical scope of services for the Master Plan or Feasibility Study includes evaluation and planning for new and existing sites/facilities for competition, practice and support facilities. The deliverables would include a written report with recommendations and strategies, conceptual design with 3D renderings, and budget estimating.
OSPORTS also understands the importance of raising funds for all of these opportunities. By developing a Master Plan for a site or facility, the director can present options for funding to their organization, prepare packages for donor gift giving and allow for fundraising features in design concepts such engraved bricks or signage that allows for naming rights. As part of the Master Plan, OSPORTS presents all of these scenarios graphically and incorporates this element in their budget estimate.