Architecture & Interior Design

Sports Architecture should be progressive, dynamic and expressive of the speed, agility and power of Sport. Our venues and facilities challenge the norm and expectations of design and materiality of buildings. Likewise, our in-depth understanding of programming, code analysis, and construction allows us to be innovative and cost effective for all types of projects. Further, our experience with master planning and phased building assures the owner that each project is flexible and can expanded over the life of the building and /or complex.
The engineered design of a sports facility is unique from other more standard building types. The inherent expected spectator movement and activities within a sports facility creates conditions that require considerations for imposed dynamic loading. Vibrations created by excited game-day spectators, or even conditions found in weight and exercise rooms, create forces that must be mitigated by the structural framing system. In addition, the thorough understanding of usage patterns within the venue are critical when designing and sizing the HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems. MEP-related consultation with the client followed  up with appropriate  planning and design will have a significant positive impact on the long-term operational and maintenance costs of the facility.