Facility Support & Condition Assessment

Facility infrastructure, often hidden from the general public's view, is critical to the long-term viability of a sports facility. The reliable performance of the HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems has a great influence on the spectators comfort and overall event experience. Timely maintenance, retrofitting and replacement of these systems ensures continued use of the building and allows for the utilities to operate as efficiently as possible. OSports understands the importance of these systems to facility managers and we are prepared to support the client with this endeavor. We team with venue representatives to evaluate the condition and performance of existing equipment. Based on our experience we are prepared to offer a cost-effective program to maximize the service life and energy savings of these critical systems.
The structure framing system and components of sports venues represent highly visible construction that act not only functionally be also contribute to the overall aesthetics of these facilities. Unlike most other building types, the framing system is exposed to the general publics' view. As a result, the structure is exposed to variable environmental and seasonal weather conditions. Freeze/thaw cycles and large temperature fluctuations will over time accelerate the deterioration of the structure. OSports has a wealth of experience evaluating the primary framing systems and seat decks of sports facilities ranging in size from professional NFL and MLB stadiums to high school bleachers. We are here to team with a facility manager to identify issues and provide solutions that economically extend the service life of the venue.