+ Other Healthcare Projects
+ Other Healthcare Projects

Cleveland Clinic - Ohio

Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital - Pediatric Relocation to R Building

This design project consisted of approximately 120,000 SF of renovations with an estimated construction cost of $20.5 million while converting the existing building structure and program into the Cleveland Clinic’s flagship for Pediatric Care Suites. First, Osborn completed an infrastructure study of the MEPT systems serving the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. The study was an eight-week effort including in-depth, multiple space programming options of the space, volume forecasting, equipment and furnishing assessment, infrastructure assessment, and development of concurrent budgets and schedules. This matured into the actual CSMEPF design of the renovation project. New space programs included Surgery, Bronchoscopy, Endoscopy, Phlebotomy, Radiology (X-Ray, Ultrasound), CT-Scan, USP-800 Pharmacy, Exam Rooms, and all ancillary spaces associated with these departments. Major building infrastructure upgrades included new emergency generator and distribution, new cooling towers and rebuilt water-cooled chillers, redesign/rebuild of existing air-handlers and a complete building-wide temperature control DDC upgrade from the existing pneumatic controls.

Main Campus 11kV Building Laterals from the New 36kV Ring Bus

Civil Engineering planning and design services to connect over 60 of the Cleveland Clinic’s Main Campus buildings with underground duct banks to a new 36kV Ring Bus serviced by four new 36kV substations. The new system capacity is 120 MVA, giving the Clinic N+2 reliability. Osborn’s role included the design of the 11kV laterals for both Power and Technology (IT) underground distribution duct banks and manholes.

Crile Building - Chiller Replacement

Osborn provided SMEP engineering services from programming through construction to upgrade and replace the aged chilled water system located within the 13-story Crile building on Cleveland Clinic’s Main Campus. The 1,500 ton chilled water plant was original to the building. Prior to the design phase, Osborn performed a feasibility study including a detailed construction cost estimate, a detailed evaluation of rigging options, and economic analysis of options. The project included the replacement of three (3) 500 ton water-cooled, centrifugal chillers with new high-efficiency variable-speed chillers; replacement of the chilled water and condenser water pumps; and reconfiguration of the chilled and condenser water distribution and HVAC controls upgrades. Osborn developed a detailed phasing plan to allow for the building to be fully operational during the entire construction period and for the operating rooms to have chilled water throughout construction.

Lutheran Hospital - Boiler Replacement (Design & Cx)

Osborn Engineering provided SMEPT engineering design services and commissioning for the replacement of three (3) existing boilers in Room LUB-106 Central Steam Boiler Plant, which supplies steam for heating, humidification, and processing needs for Lutheran Hospital. The total floor area of this facility is 483,024 square feet. Osborn initially conducted a review of the existing Central Steam Boiler Plant needs/capacity, a review of related equipment (deaerator, feedwater pumps and chemical treatment), and an evaluation of the existing steam header for wear and pipe wall thickness to determine if the replacement was required. Construction was phased in order to keep a minimum of one boiler operational at all times.

Crile Mall East Redevelopment & New Taussig Cancer Center Building

Crile included the re-development of parking lots into a landscaped mall, tree-lined streets and new peripheral parking lots from the Crile Building at E. 102nd Street to the Walker Building at E. 105th Street. The initial Mall redevelopment was followed by the construction of the New Taussig Cancer Center Building between the Mall’s south edge and the north side of Carnegie Ave. Addition Civil/Site design improvements included relocating E. 102nd St. further west, expanding the size of the Mall and construction a healing garden space along the south edge.

Additional sampling of projects completed or ongoing:

J, G, M, & H Building - Kitchen/Cafe Upgrades
Main Campus - Pedestrian Bridge
Marymount Hospital - Medical Gasses
Hillcrest Hospital - MOB 1 & 2 Fire Alarm Replacement
Hillcrest Hospital - EP Lab
Marymount Hospital - Upgrade AHUs
Lutheran Hospital - Study of Chilled Water Plant
Marymount Hospital - Upgrade AHUs
Lutheran Hospital - Study of Chilled Water Plant
Strongsville - Boiler Replacement
H Building – Cooling Tower Replacement
KK Building – 3rd Floor Retro-Commissioning
J Building - 3 MRI Suite Renovations
Miscellaneous Elevator Upgrades