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Michael Howey

Senior Broadcast Technology Engineer
Michael Howey is a 40 year veteran of broadcast television, having served as Vice President or Director of Engineering and Operations for Fox Television, Cox and Gannett (now TEGNA) in New York City, Atlanta, Tampa and Denver. He is a member, on behalf of Osborn Engineering, of ATSC with an emphasis of ATSC 3.0. He also belongs to SMPTE and SBE in the Washington, DC, area.
As the head of broadcast engineering, a position attained in 1982, Howey has been responsible for all FCC regulatory issues affecting all associated broadcast television stations. He has seen rules change throughout his 40 years, most recently those of digital vs. analog television, HDTV, the repack and the coming of NextGen TV. As a member of Osborn Engineering, his concern is how that will affect television broadcasting and public television.
Howey was brought into Osborn Engineering specifically for his knowledge of ATSC, the FCC auctions and the repacking of broadcast channels. His knowledge of the process and past 34 years of capital budget management experience gives him the credentials to help broadcasters determine how to cope with the auctions, repack and beyond - but not limited to just broadcasting. Howey’s credits include two new TV station builds – WSB in Atlanta and KDVR in Denver. His engineering teams have broadcast the first ever high-definition television programming in both Georgia and Colorado.
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