IT Infrastructure Assessment & Cabling Replacement

University of Akron | Akron , Ohio
Many components of the University of Akron’s network infrastructure are 10 to 15 years old and the University was experiencing intermittent outages and low performance, and this was causing excessive staff time spent troubleshooting. Much of the cabling and wiring on campus did not meet modern performance requirements, and, in some cases, was 30-year-old repurposed telephone line.

Osborn was responsible for the assessment of and criteria design for cabling/wiring, indoor wireless access point (WAP) locations, outdoor wireless mesh, network equipment room environmental-power, network equipment room environmental-HVAC/venting, and new/upgrade select telecom rooms in 17 buildings with over 40 telecommunication rooms. Included in this scope of work were various surveys, reports, estimates and scope of work documents that conform to University of Akron’s standards and regulations. Osborn was also responsible for any needed electrical and mechanical upgrade designs.