Transmitter Facility Alterations

Various Owners | Various Locations
Osborn CMAT has assisted over 22 network stations alter and upgrade their transmitter facilities. This includes the complete Design, Development, RF Coordination, FCC Coordination Assistance, and Construction Administration of the transmitter facility. Our clients appreciate our one stop shop for architectural, mechanical and electrical engineering along  with our broadcast RF engineering, filings with the FCC, obtaining municipal approvals, and permitting. Our transmitter facility alteration projects range from the top of Willis Tower, to an elaborate 51’ tall A-frame ice bridge structure, to a shipping container, and everything in-between.
Cadillac Broadcasting Co – WFUP, Vanderbilt, MI
Capitol Broadcasting Co – WRAL, Raleigh, NC
CBS – KBCS at Sutro Tower
CBS – KPIX at Sutro Tower
Disney/ABC – KGO at Sutro Tower
Fox – KTVU at Sutro Tower
Fox – WFLD in Chicago Hancock Tower (auxiliary)
Fox – WFLD in Chicago Willis Tower (primary)
Fox – WJXT, Charlotte, NC
Fox – WTTG, Washington, DC
Graham Media Group – WJXT, Jacksonville, FL
Graham Media Group – WSLS, Roanoke, VA
N. Carolina Broadcasting Corp. – KPJK/KRCB at Sutro
Nexstar Media Group – KRON at Sutro Tower
Nexstar Media Group – WTEN, Albany, NY
PBS – WETA, Arlington, MD (auxiliary)
PBS – WETA, Washington, DC (primary)
Sutro Tower Inc. – Sutro Tower, San Francisco, CA
TEP/Vertical Bridge – South Mountain, Phoenix, AR
Tegna Inc. – WCNC, Charlotte, NC
Tegna Inc. – WWL, New Orleans, LA
WRNN TV Associates – KCNS at Sutro Tower