Next Gen TV (ATSC 3.0) Station Transition Guideline

National Association of Broadcasters | Washington , DC
The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) commissioned Osborn to coordinate the development and production of the NAB ATSC-3 Transition Guide. Osborn was proud to work with leading broadcast executives on this document, which assists broadcast stations in transitioning to Next Generation TV, also known as Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) 3.0.

The purpose of the Guide is to provide relevant information for a seamless transition from the current ATSC-1 broadcast standard to the Next Gen TV platform. The audience includes broadcast executives and engineers who want to learn more about how to make ATSC 3.0 part of their business. ATSC 3.0 provides a more robust upgraded signal where broadcasters in each market can share the available spectrum and connect with more viewers that is all free and over-the-air.

The Guide includes basic principles for how to successfully transition to Next Gen TV. How-to information and checklists were provided to assist in the decision-making and implementation processes. This Guide provides the basic strategies for taking advantage of the next great television broadcasting opportunity.