Osborn Virtual Studio

Our Cleveland office features a virtual collaboration studio that allows us to present our best when electronically collaborating with clients and partners. We combine the latest Bluescape™ systems and our multiple camera production system to make virtual collaboration as seamless and intuitive as possible.

Our Expertise:

Studio Presentation:

Equipment in our studio includes two presenter cameras, wireless microphones, a document camera, and a dedicated presentation computer. These are all tied together with our control center, which can feed all popular virtual collaboration applications, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meetings, Webex, and other platforms. Large monitors make it easier for our team to see and hear everything clearly.


A centerpiece of our studio is our 86” touchscreen system. It powers the Bluescape™  software we use to allow remote participants to interact in real time with all the project documents, product examples and related media. Attendees can be anywhere and can use any device to participate in a Bluescape™-enhanced collaboration.