Strategic Planning & Visioning

"Begin with the end in mind" - Stephen Covey
To help guide our clients toward reaching their end goal, and manage the ever-changing technology landscape, Osborn Content Media & Advanced Technology advocates early involvement of overall planning to help foster a true, fully integrated, overall project mission delivery. To initiate this creative and technology process, we conduct an interactive Visioning Workshop to establish project ideation, needs, goals, critical components, priorities, timeline and even a “wish list” for future planning. More than just a “data collection”, Osborn listens and extracts the client’s individual and collective thoughts, perceptions, challenges and mission to establish an action plan, combined with a facility-wide or campus assessment that will ultimately form the “framework” for which planning and design decisions are made and tracked throughout the project.
Visioning Workshop:

The Visioning Workshop framework is an interactive full-day discovery workshop that identifies and outlines:

  • Current advancements in technology and equipment
  • What others are doing
  • Prioritization of needs, goals, and future growth
  • Conceptual facility layout alterations and improvements
  • Concepts for deployment of new and/or future technology
  • Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, aggregation distribution, augmented reality automation, OTT, IOT, 8K, 120 p, blown fiber, encrypted microwave, virtual cloud, and 5G forward mobile delivery, to name a few
  • Alternative business revenue streams
  • Potential partnerships with key vendors
  • Disaster recovery
  • Migration and logistics move planning
  • System integration
  • General layouts for DAS networks
  • Overall critical path milestone schedule
  • Migration planning
  • Conceptual costs
  • Next steps