Next Gen Digital Broadcast Television

There’s something new in the air…
The content media revolution continues with the rollout of NextGen TV. This new advance in over-the-air TV broadcasting is the ATSC 3.0 standard. It’s completely IP-based, making it interoperative with cellular and WiFi technologies.
Our deep experience with broadcast technologies, Wi-Fi and cellular, gives us the ability to design and verify wireless solutions that provide uninterrupted connectivity across all of these delivery systems.
An important component of ATSC 3.0 is SFN (single frequency networks). Osborn has the expertise, software and equipment to work with our clients from the design phase, through SFN facility construction and all the way to real-world verification.
Our Expertise: 
  • Transmission Facility Upgrades
    • Tower
    • Antenna
    • Transmitter
    • Studio-Transmitter Links
  • Assistance with FCC Licensing and Coordination
  • Master Control and Technical Core Upgrades
  • SFN Design and Construction
  • RF Field Measurements and Analysis – (Link to RF Services)
  • Integration with other wireless technologies, 5G, WiFi-6

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