Osborn Engineering is one of the leading consulting engineering firms in Northeastern Ohio. Established over a century ago in 1892, Osborn is proud to be Ohio's oldest engineering firm continuing a tradition of contributing to the growth of Ohio and the rest of the nation through outstanding quality in engineering.
In 2009 Osborn Engineering purchased Wulk Engineering a specialty low voltage and technology design firm that provided specialty technology design services primarily for the Healthcare and Higher Education sectors.  Notable projects in the Healthcare and Education sectors include technology engineering for the Cleveland Clinic Miller Glickman Pavilion, University Hospital Ahuja Medical Center as well as the Case Western Reserve School of Dentistry.
In early 2014, Osborn launched the Osborn Technology Group. Osborn realized that technology advancements will continue to play a greater role in the planning, programming and design of our next generation of facilities. Digital communications, wireless, 4K video, smart communities and buildings, the parabolic advancements of web applications, the iPhone and iPad, the planned re-pack of our nation’s bandwidth and many other advancements in just the last 4 years must be considered and appropriately deployed to meet our client's interests in the flexible, useful and efficient environments. However, they must be able to be deployed in the design and construction industry which tends to be more traditional and change does not come easily.
In order to accomplish this vision, you have to first, step out of the traditional service provider mentality and lead. The standard deployment is to treat the technology engineering team as an engineering support service not unlike S, M, E, P. For example in the SD phase typically there is not even a narrative on technology (usually just some plug number in the budget.) At Osborn, we advocate early engagement of the technology team (more than just low voltage engineers) in a very engaged seat at the table.