Don Archiable
Executive Vice President
Director of Technical Architecture, Engineering and Technology

216-861-2020 x3002

Mr. Archiable brings to Osborn more than 30 years of experience in both network and affiliate broadcast facilities, global entertainment sound stages, motion picture studios, communication IT/IS transition, and recently, 5G mobile ATSC 3.0, and single frequency networks.

Mr. Archiable has undergraduate degrees in architecture, electrical engineering and industrial design.  Don has held increasingly responsible corporate positions within the broadcast and motion picture industries. 

Beginning his career as director of engineering at WKRC-TV ABC, Taft Broadcasting in Cincinnati, Don moved through the ranks to Corporate Architect, responsible for 36 broadcast stations, Hannah/Barbara Animation and World Vision Motion Picture studios.

Just prior to the sale of the Taft conglomerates, Don was brought into a partnership with equity ownership as a Senior Vice President of Operations for the Nebraska Television Network (NTV). The network’s four ABC affiliates were then redeveloped and sold to a larger group ownership. At that point, Mr. Archiable accepted the position of Manager of Engineering and Capital Projects for the NBC Network, heading up the new NBC Tower design for WMAQ, NBC5 in Chicago and the NBC Network owned and operated third market station.

Mr. Archiable designed and developed the NBC properties for the new 42-story $100 million NBC Tower in Chicago’s Miracle Mile district, in collaboration with a New York architectural firm. The technical electronics infrastructure was purchased by Don for NBC’s coverage of the 1988 Seoul (Korea) Olympics and then integrated in the new NBC Chicago tech core operation.

With the completion of WMAQ-TV, Chicago, NBC promoted Mr. Archiable to Managing Director of Architecture, Engineering and Capital Projects for the Rockefeller Center project at NBC’s World Headquarters in New York City.  Don completed the 10-year, $308 million master plan for “30 Rock”, then planned, designed and supervised all disciplines for network projects, which included the Today Show 3B, Saturday Night Live 8H, David Letterman 6A, Nightly News 3A and the redevelopment of the NBC Network integration and release Master Grid for Skypath satellite operations worldwide. Among Don’s other related assignments were the design of NBC and General Electric Corporate offices and the replacement of the 1933 RCA signage, atop “30 Rock” with GE ownership branding.

With the wrap up of NBC Network New York implementation, Don was accepted the position of Director of Operations for the merged operation of the NBC News Network and WRC-TV NBC4 in Washington, DC. During his tenure in this position, he restructured the combined broadcast departments, which included 12 managers and 300 NABET, IATSE and DGA operating employees and related management.  His active involvement through Princeton University with the development of HDTV and CCIR-601 technology for nationwide networks has allowed Don to continue partnerships with many broadcasting group owners who are key industry technology transition decision makers.

For the past 18 years, Mr. Archiable has held corporate executive positions, leading to his present shareholder leadership within Osborn Engineering Company. He is currently responsible for spearheading professional master planning services in architecture, engineering, and digital technology with an emphasis on the global paradigm shift to 5G mobile, artificial intelligence, over the top, operational technology, aggregation distribution, and the development of ATSC 3.0 and single frequency networks nationwide.

Don Archiable has developed two wireless patents. Don also holds the Manager of the Ohio Section of SMPTE position.  Don received O.B. Hanson award from his NBC career in Chicago and New York City.

Areas of Expertise

  • Digital High Definition Broadcast Infrastructure Engineering
  • Site Location Ascertainment and Signal Path Engineering Analysis
  • RF / Satellite Teleports / Microwave / Fiber Optic / Wireless
  • Migration Planning and Move Relocation Logistics
  • Recording Studio Sound / Acoustics Engineering
  • Medical Network Systems Integration & Engineering – Patient Experience Systems
  • Sports Stadium and Arena Technology / Fan Spectator Experience Systems
  • University Higher Education Academic Campus Networking / Student Experience Systems
  • 5G Mobile / ATSC 3.0 / SFN / Next Generation Television Transition Infrastructure