Our Difference

In early 2014, Osborn Engineering launched the Osborn Technology Group, an expansion of the existing technology staff into a fully-integrated design practice, with subject area expertise in the Content Media + Entertainment market, in addition to Osborn’s substantial portfolio of Healthcare and Education Technology Design.
At the center of our group is Don Archiable, an internationally recognized technology and A/V expert with over 40 years of experience in the deployment of technology in multiple market sectors and building types. Don’s unique perspective stems from a background in electrical engineering, architecture, broadcast engineering and a lifelong innovator in the technology arena.  This allows him to lead with a complete understanding of what is possible, available, tested, proven and most importantly, applicable to the specific environment that defines each particular project.
Supporting Don in the Content Media + Technology Group is a team of experienced managers, engineers, and designers who have worked in a diverse set of markets, featuring the group's core of Content Media + Entertainment, FCC Repack and RF Transmission, and Advanced Technologies.  In addition to the traditional technological design strengths of RCDD, audio/visual, data centers, and systems design, our team is able to plan and design the main technology components of tomorrow such as Network Operating Centers and Convergence Centers.
The vision of the Osborn Content Media + Technology Group is to provide high-performing technology solutions that support complex design problems with a team that:
  • Provides the premier subject matter expertise in adopting tomorrow's technology into our client's existing environment
  • Through experience, knows how to lead discussions with the client and entire A/E team on how to fully-integrate and adapt new technology into all building systems, structure and architecture
  • Can recognize and understand the important and subtle dynamics that exist within each market sector to fully address all of the client's problems and concerns
Ultimately our goal is to lead our clients through a thoughtful and creative design process that will result in innovative solutions that will launch them into the future.