Ahuja Medical Center and Sports Medicine Complex

University Hospitals | Cleveland , Ohio
The illumination for the University Hospital Ahuja Medical Center and Sports Medicine Complex was required to be unique and specialized. Entering a healthcare facility can be a highly emotional experience, filled with a plethora of feelings such as intimidation, joy, fear, or hope. Through collaboration with the Architect and Interior Designers, the lighting team designed the illumination to play the role of the 'silent assistant.' With the role of 'silent assistant,' the illumination of the space provides a compassionate subtlety throughout the healthcare experience. By communicating a sense of embrace, the lighting design intention was to help reduce stress, provide a visual distraction, and provide a sense of well-being and relaxation. Healthcare facilities are, arguably, the most complex of architectural facility types, and the lighting within these spaces should hold a high priority in the design process. A facility's lighting design considerably impacts the overall experience of its users as well as the numerous people who form the caregiving team to support the patients – both directly and indirectly. The illumination levels and requirements for the physicians, nurses, residents, and therapists, alongside friends and family, were closely monitored and designed to provide and enhance the overall user and patient experiences of the healing process.