Advanced Technologies

Osborn Content Media & Advanced Technology is the leader in designing SMART. We are experts in designing Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Along with Smart Campuses. The Smart facilities provide a much greater return on investments for building owners than traditional building systems. Cost savings are reduced by a much greater and granular control of energy usage and the ability to monitor that usage by gather Data Points. Those data points are used analytically to determine the true needs of the facility.
Smart designs also factor into Life Safety components – designs which include security cameras, access control and fire alarm/suppression systems. When linking all of these systems together, our design team can use lighting to safely direct people to an exit in the event of an emergency. This could be done by simply changing the color of lighting in which to exit or activating smoke control fans in the event of a fire. As you can see, this is innovative “out-of-the-box” thinking, which is what we do, here at Osborn.