Willard Park Garage Assessment & Restoration

City of Cleveland | Cleveland , Ohio
Willard Park Garage Improvement, Phases I and II | Osborn completed condition survey and engineering for Phase I in 2017. Initial repairs in Phase I for the garage included concrete repairs, drainage repairs, expansion joint seal replacements throughout, joint sealant installation, and installation of new traffic coating. Osborn is currently working on Phase II. Forensic investigation for evaluation of water leakage at building walls between the parking garage and City Hall.
Willard Park Garage Condition Survey | Osborn performed a structural condition survey of the parking garage. The team provided the City with design recommendations and associated construction cost information. The project also included the development of a repair program to extend the useful service life of the facility. Repairs included expansion joint replacement and concrete repair to slabs and walls. Part of the project included the replacement of the garage’s two sump pump stations and lighting system.
Willard Park Garage Restoration | Osborn performed a condition survey of this parking structure for the City of Cleveland. The investigation included a comprehensive material testing program that provided critical information on the condition of the garage that otherwise would not have been known. The field data was assimilated into an overall report which included all field data, discussion of unique conditions, recommendations, prioritization of repair tasks, and associated budgetary construction costs. Osborn subsequently developed construction documents for restoring the garage. The concrete repair work consisted of patching of spalled surfaces and repair of cracked walls and slabs. The heavily trafficked expansion joints were replaced to prevent water from leaking through to the parked vehicles below. Osborn assisted the City during the construction phase to monitor the contractor’s compliance with the design documents. All construction activities were coordinated to minimize disruption to highly trafficked garages. Improvements to the garage also included a new sub-drainage pumping system, replacement of all lighting fixtures, and state-of-the-art parking system controls.
Willard Park Garage Forensic Study | Osborn successfully performed a forensic engineering investigation for the City of Cleveland. It was necessary to resolve a potential problem of global sliding of Cleveland City Hall, due to conditions created during the construction of a multi-level parking structure adjacent to City Hall. As a result of our forensic engineering research, at no cost to the City of Cleveland, a $7 million anti-sliding structure was installed to guard against any possibility of City Hall shifting.