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Tony Wulk, PE, RCDD

Associate Director | Technology
Healthcare & Education
Tony has worked in technology for over 30 years, and holds degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Theatrical Lighting and Sound Design. He has specialized in the areas of computing, networks, communications and automation, having worked in roles from research and development to systems applications. Over the last few decades while focusing specifically on building technology applications, he has excelled in  speaking with his customers, gaining an understanding of their unique perspective and project requirements, and bringing together disparate systems to optimize individual workflows across a myriad of applications including healthcare, entertainment, sports, education and industry. His personable approach is often leveraged in design charettes and user group meetings affecting more than “where” technology is used, into the “why” and “how”. He is passionate in both the execution of his projects, and the mentoring of younger engineers and designers. It is this overarching desire to provide the best possible outcome for his clients and his team that has earned the respect of his peers and his clientele.
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