Transportation Engineering

Beginning with the firm’s founding in 1892 and continuing to the present, Osborn’s bridge and roadway design expertise is well known. We provide innovative solutions for transportation challenges by continually keeping up with industry advancements. Our Team partners with departments of transportation, county agencies and communities to develop roadway, bridge and traffic projects that are holistic for the area while meeting all necessary current design and safety standards.

Osborn can initiate a project by assessing the current condition of the infrastructure and preparing a comprehensive report. Our staff becomes a valuable partner by assisting with applications for grant funding and understanding the various funding sources. Osborn has experience with feasibility studies, condition surveys, master plans and phased program development. Our attention to detail helps address constructability and minimizes change orders.

  • Bridge inspection and design
  • Urban and complex highway design including interchange studies
  • Safety studies
  • Signals and signal system designs
  • Bicycle and enhancement design
  • Complex highway lighting design
  • Construction Administration