Jackson Pier Redevelopment & Shoreline Drive

City of Sandusky | Sandusky , Ohio
Osborn was hired by the City of Sandusky to re-image Jackson Street Pier in the heart of the city’s historic downtown. The pier was redeveloped to activate the waterfront and beautify the area. The scope of work consisted of preparing conceptional plans based on input through stakeholder meetings and public open houses. Coordination was required with Homeland Security due to the Pelee Islander Ferry.
The project included new infrastructure including water, sewer, storm water management, electrical and technology. Consideration was given to a proposed multi-functional building. Phase One consisted of geotechnical investigation, survey and basemapping, underwater inspection of the sheeting, conceptional planning and utility investigation, coordination and design.
The Shoreline Drive project involved a multipurpose path, which was part of a city wide plan, upgrading utilities, pavement replacement, pubic involvement, and streetscape enhancements. Osborn performed field inspections of the existing pavement surfaces, curbs, drive aprons, and curb ramps to determine the necessary repairs, locations, and quantities. Utility work involved development of schematic plans for rehabilitation of the existing waterline, sanitary sewer, storm sewers, and relocation of overhead utilities underground.