2014-2018 Biennial Fracture Critical Bridge Inspections

Lake County Engineer | Lake County , Ohio
Osborn performed the 2014, 2016 and 2018 Annual Routine and Biennial Fracture Critical Bridge Inspections for all of the fracture critical (FC) bridges within Lake County. The bridges were inspected in accordance with the most current ODOT Bridge Inspection Manual, and required inspecting all members within arm’s-length reach. A combination of ladders and climbing techniques were utilized to access the various bridge members for inspection. A scour assessment was also performed for each structure. In addition to performing the field inspection work, Osborn prepared the annual routine Structure Appraisal & Inspection Forms, FC Plans and FC Reports by utilizing the online ODOT Structure Management System (SMS). The 2016 contract also included load rating the Markell Road and Waite Hill Road Bridges. The final documentation presented to the County also included minor repair/rehabilitation recommendations to prolong the useful life of the bridges. The following bridges were included in this project: Vrooman Road Bridge, Eagle Road Bridge, Waite Hill Road Bridge, Cascade Road North, Cascade Road South, Markell Road, Paine Road, Seeley Road and Cashen Road.