East Broad Street Safety Study

City of Elyria | Elyria , Ohio
Osborn provided professional engineering services to perform a safety study for East Broad Street between East Bridge Street and South Logan Street within the City of Elyria. The safety study evaluated the safety performance of the corridor and identified potential countermeasures to reduce the number of crashes within this segment of East Broad Street. The East Broad Street corridor serves as a primary route through the City, connecting downtown Elyria with SR 57 and providing access to University Hospital’s Elyria Campus and other businesses. Osborn utilized electronic mapping, county GIS, and TIMS to collect roadway inventory data to be used in the analysis. Crash data was obtained from GCAT and supplemented by City reports and historical studies. Osborn determined existing traffic volumes on East Broad Street through recent traffic counts provided by the City and manual turning traffic counts performed by Osborn. Osborn utilized ODOT’s Economic Crash Analysis Tool (ECAT) to calculate the expected crash frequencies for the existing conditions, as well as predicted crash frequencies for future conditions. In addition the ECAT was used to evaluate potential countermeasures and the effectiveness of each. All data and analyses were compiled into a comprehensive Safety Study identifying both short- and long-term countermeasure recommendations for improving the safety along the East Broad Street Corridor.