Weimer Drive Bridge Replacement

Stark County Engineer | Osnaburg Township , Ohio
Osborn was the Engineer of Record for the design of a new single span bridge to replace an existing deficient truss bridge carrying Weimer Drive (T-140) over Black Run in Osnaburg Township, Stark County, Ohio. The existing structure was a single span pony-style truss bridge with a span length of approximately 63.5-feet and a width of 24-feet face/face of railing. The truss bridge was supported on masonry and reinforced concrete substructures.
A structure type study, including a Hydraulic Analysis, was performed to determine the most appropriate and cost efficient replacement structure. Three structure types were considered; steel rolled beam bridge, pre-stressed adjacent concrete box beams, and pre-stressed spread concrete box beams. Reinforced concrete composite deck and new concrete substructures were evaluated for each alternate. The project area was within FEMA Zone A. The recommended and preferred alternate was the single span pre-stressed adjacent concrete box beam bridge as it provided the shallowest superstructure depth and minimized the impacts to the roadway profile and hydraulic opening of the bridge.
The new bridge is a single span pre-stressed concrete box beam bridge with a composite reinforced concrete deck on new reinforced concrete integral abutments. The new integral abutments are supported by 14-inch diameter CIP reinforced concrete pile foundations. The new bridge has a span length of 64-feet 6-inches c/c bearings and a bridge width of 28-feet face/face of railings. The new bridge was designed in accordance with AASHTO LRFD and HL-93 loading. The project also included full-width approach slabs and TST-1-99 railings with over-the-side drainage. The bridge was constructed full-width, while traffic was maintained with a local detour.