Front Street Downtown Transformation

City of Cuyahoga Falls | Cuyahoga Falls , Ohio
The City of Cuyahoga Falls was focused on creating a more successful and vibrant central business district by opening up the downtown core that was closed off to traffic over 40 years ago. Osborn Engineering worked with The City of Cuyahoga Falls to re-open Front Street to vehicular traffic and create an exciting new district.

Osborn was selected as the Owner’s Rep for the project providing criteria design for conversion of a pedestrian mall to a roadway. The project consisted of opening Front Street to one lane of traffic in each direction with on street parking. The design included the flexibility to utilize the space for street festivals. The streetscaping reflects the image of Cuyahoga Falls. Two way traffic has been established on the parallel Second Street. Osborn provided structural engineering to reconfigure an adjacent parking deck that included a glass-enclosed stair tower and elevator. Osborn prepared a design build bid package and assisted the owner in reviewing contractor’s bids, alternative technical concepts and value engineering, review contractor’s plans for compliance to concepts and specifications.
As a cost saving component for this project, the existing storm sewer was reused. This required reconfiguration of the existing water main to meet Ohio EPA standards and regrading the roadway to meet ADA requirements and to allow for positive drainage to the existing drainage system. Osborn also had to reconfigure sections of the existing water main to meet the OhioEPA minimum setbacks to storm sewers at new curb inlet locations. Osborn designed all of the proposed curb inlets with the specification to use FlexStorm inlet filters to capture debris and filter out oils, grease, and fuels. 

Osborn also provided construction administration services as the project progressed into construction. The project reshaped the City’s center, offering a mix of modern uses and a pleasing landscape for vehicle, pedestrians and recreational activities.