Public Square Redevelopment

City of Cleveland | Cleveland , Ohio
Osborn Engineering provided engineering design services for the redevelopment of Cleveland’s Public Square in conjunction with James Corner Field Operations. James Corner Field Operations provided planning and Landscape Architecture services for this project at the direction of LANDstudio, a Cleveland non-profit organization focused on enhancing public spaces.

The project involved detailed coordination with 23 different utility companies, touching al-most every one of their facilities, as well as ongoing RTA transit hub coordination throughout the design and construction phases. The electrical redesign involved the reconstruction of 18 main CEI circuits dating back to 1948, 1922 and 1897 with no existing redundancy. This required locating and designing of all new electrical, phone and data underground utility vaults, which in most cases are four time larger than the original vaults.

The engineering design encompassed extensive grading, retaining wall structures, various pavement types, storm water management, an NEORSD underground rainwater harvesting system, a new fountain installation and the associated equipment, piping and systems, new building foundations, a maintenance of traffic scheme with three different designated outer rings, traffic signal system upgrades and all new site lighting.
The following features are included in the project:
  • An event plaza and fountain/water feature
  • An event lawn
  • Preservation of the existing Soliders' and Sailors' Monument
  • An amphitheater styled hill and retaining wall type lawn seating area
  • A tree-shaded grass hill picnic area
  • A speaker’s corner plaza
Osborn provided construction administration services with periodic site inspections on the concrete roadwork for this project. We reconstructed Superior Avenue through the Square in concrete and patched the outer roadways including South, East and West Roadways and Rockwell.

The redevelopment opened Summer of 2016.