Student-Athlete Performance Center

Eastern Michigan University | Ypsilanti , Michigan
The new Student Athlete Performance Center was built directly behind the existing running track at the north end of Eastern Michigan’s Rynearson Stadium. The 65,000 SF facility includes a 10,000 SF weight room with views to the existing football field. The remaining space is occupied by locker room facilities, coaches’ offices, training rooms, team meeting rooms and storage/equipment spaces.
Osborn assisted with Civil, Structural, and Technology engineering services. Civil engineering services included site grading, utility demolition and new construction, and site construction soil erosion and sedimentation control. Osborn’s Technology engineers created the network, infrastructure, audio/visual and security design for the entire facility in collaboration with the university’s vision. One significant audio-visual item was a new end zone video scoreboard consisting of high-resolution direct view LED display and an embedded audio system. New video production cameras, wireless connectivity and control console were provided and cabled to a new video control room. Structural engineering services included full building design including the integration of the structure for the new scoreboard with the structure for the building. The design of the roof for the weight room can be utilized as an assembly space to allow groups to enjoy the events taking place on the football field.
Construction for the facility began in Fall 2018 with the building’s opening in August 2019, prior to the first football game.