Campus-Wide Deferred Maintenance

Oberlin College | Oberlin , Ohio
Osborn Engineering's Civil, Structural, MEP, and Technology engineers have partnered with Oberlin College on their deferred maintenance initiatives for several years. Osborn was not only awarded the 2016 and 2017 Deferred Maintenance contracts, but has also worked in many campus buildings since the completion of those contracts. Osborn has performed engineering services in the following Oberlin College campus buildings: Dascomb Hall, East Hall, Union Street Housing, Baldwin hall, Mudd Center, Stevenson Hall, Severance Hall, Langston Hall, Lord Saunders Hall, Forensics Science Center, Tank Hall, Keep Cottage, Art Building, Kahn Hall, Phillips Hall, and King Hall.
Osborn has addressed many deferred maintenance issues, including retrofitting HVAC Systems. A sampling of these systems includes boilers, domestic hot water systems, kitchen hoods, ductwork reconfiguration, air handling units and associated chilled water or hot water coils, constant volume conversion to VAV boxes, make-up air systems, exhaust air systems, UPS systems, emergency generators, building automation systems (pneumatic to DDC controls) and more. Osborn also has addressed the campus lighting, converting outdated and inefficient pole fixtures with LED fixtures. Osborn has performed structural modifications as well, including structural, floor, and facade repairs. Osborn looks forward to continuing the partnership with Oberlin College and their ongoing engineering needs.