Various Projects

State University of Buffalo | Buffalo , New York
Clement Hall Fire Pump Replacement Design
Osborn Engineering created bid documents for a code compliant fire pump replacement design which involved the replacement of 1250-gpm fire pump and controller, replacement of jockey pump and controller and redesign of suction supply and discharge arrangement including the demolition of an existing water supply tank. The design included hydraulic sizing of the pump, equipment layout and coordination with existing conditions. The design was in accordance with the Building Code of New York State, the Fire Code of New York State, and NFPA 14 and 20.
Hadley Village Fire Alarm Study
Osborn conducted a study for a fire alarm system upgrade based on current codes and standards including, but not limited to, the Building Code of New York State, the Fire Code of New York State, and NFPA 14 and 20. The study included code requirements for fire alarm for the residential complex. A concept design report captured the code requirements as well as recommendations for a new fire alarm system. The report included phasing and installation recommendations, so the complex could remain in service during the entire installation. A probable cost of construction was also included to assist the client with financial planning for the project. Osborn was retained for design of the system replacement.
Creekside, Southlake, and Flint Fire Suppression Freeze Study
Osborn conducted a study that included a site visit to inspect the issues cited in an insurance report and review of current codes and standards for residential sprinkler systems. The report confirmed that the existing installation was code compliant and included heat transfer calculations. Osborn recommended the installation of new higher R-value insulation to mitigate the event of freezing in the future.