2018-2025 Watermains Replacement Program

City of Cleveland | Cleveland , Ohio

Osborn Engineering has been contracted by the Cleveland Water Department to design water main replacements, perform transmission main inspection/condition assessments, and provide construction administration services for the Phase I (2018-2019), Phase II (2020-2021), Phase III (2022-2023) and Phase IV (2024-2025) Water Mains Renewal Programs. Each program has an estimated total of 20,000 hours of engineering work in order to inspect, replace, and rehabilitate local watermains. The water system consists of nine hydraulic districts that cover an area of 620 square miles and includes 5,500 miles of water mains. The most significant portion of the work has been replacing watermain along the distribution system. The work also consisted of pavement restoration working with Engineering and Construction to approve the roadway restoration. Other approvals included OEPA PTI and coordination with all impacted utility owners. The watermains range in size from 4 inches to 60 inches in its distribution system, with various pipe materials, including concrete (multiple types), ductile iron, steel and cast iron. Collectively, there have been 59 tasks contracted to date.