Easterly-Westerly MCC Replacement

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District | Cleveland , Ohio

Osborn served as the design lead in conjunction with RE Warner on this design-build project with Lake Erie Electric for the District. The project involved the replacement of 17 Motor Control Centers at the Easterly WWTP and 33 Motor Control Centers at the Westerly WWTP.  Replacement of additional electrical equipment, such as panelboards, dry type transformers, and local control stations deemed “at the end of useful life” at each site was also incorporated into this replacement project. 

A very unique aspect of this project was the approach taken prior to design.  The actual design wasn’t initiated until after a very detailed investigation process involving all groups within the design-build team was used.  The process included a detailed field investigation of every piece of equipment, followed by a written report of each piece of equipment identifying exact as-built conditions that hadn’t been previously documented.  These reports were then used as a platform to 1) aid the District in identifying current conditions, and 2) to ask questions of the District to solidify the exact needs of the project.  This investigation process was developed and implemented by Osborn to ensure the District was receiving an accurate GMP all while minimizing the risk associated with major equipment replacement at a public utility plant.  Only after this entire process was completed did the design of the replacement equipment begin. 

Another unique aspect was the need to ensure power would be maintained to critical loads during the duration of equipment replacement.  When working with a public utility this is of the utmost importance throughout the duration of the project.