Water Main Replacement Program - Year 1

City of Lorain | Lorain , Ohio

Osborn Engineering was selected to provide design related services including leading all field investigation efforts for the replacement of the following watermains located predominantly in residential neighborhoods in various areas throughout the City:

Woodward Avenue - E.37th Street – E.41st Street
E.37th Street. - Pearl Avenue – Dale Avenue
Vine Avenue – E.28th Street – E.33rd Street
W. 40th Street – Oberlin Ave. to Ashland Avenue

This project impacts approximately 722 residential homes and multiple businesses and involves impacts to water service and traffic that require coordination and planning to minimize impacts. Osborn is completing a preliminary assessment of the water line program to provide the best options that are more constructable, will present less future conflicts with other City projects, are coordinated with both public and private utilities and cause less disruptions and inconveniences for the City’s residents and businesses. Osborn will work with the City to determine the most cost effective solution for each proposed application under this water line program.

Osborn’s team is working to design with the intent of always keeping the needs and character of the surrounding neighborhoods in mind. Important items, such as maintaining driveway access and existing water service to residents and businesses, are being carefully discussed with the project Team and City to deliver the desired level of service to the City.