Red, Green & Blue Parking Garage Repairs

City of Cuyahoga Falls | Cuyahoga Falls , Ohio
In conjunction with the City of Cuyahoga Falls Downtown Transformation project, Osborn provided engineering services for the Red, Green, and Blue Parking Garages. This project began with an assessment program followed by the preparation of bid and construction documents. The City identified immediate, high, and moderate priority areas where repairs were to take place. Immediate priority repairs included connections; high priority repairs included concrete floors, overhead concrete areas, vertical concrete areas, masonry and facade, connections, thermal/moisture/surface protection, PT reinforcing, electrical and lighting, and striping; moderate priority repairs included replacing remaining hot applied protected membrane system.
Elevator upgrades were provided for the Red Garage, and design for a new elevator was provided by Osborn for the Blue Garage. Osborn also provided construction observation and documentation services during the construction phase of the project for all three garages.