MetroHealth New Parking Garage

MetroHealth | Cleveland , Ohio
Osborn provided complete engineering services for a new parking garage at the Main Campus of MetroHealth. The 7-story parking garage structure accommodates 1,500 cars and is comprised of three concrete stairwells, a 3-car elevator shaft constructed of concrete walls, and an interior car ramp. The three stairwells and elevator lobby area are composed of exterior glass façade the entire height of the structure. The engineering team collaborated with HKS Architects and provided completed specifications, construction document drawings, and 3-dimensional model utilizing Revit BIM Software. Osborn also served as the parking consultant and worked through various iterations of parking layouts for the owner prior to the final design.
Structural engineering services for the new parking garage utilized state of the art post-tensioning design software for design of the 1-way post tension slab and girder system for levels 2 through 7. Level 1 is composed of fiber-reinforced slab on grade concrete. The foundations of the garage are drilled piers bearing on bedrock with an approximate depth of 100-feet. Level 1 is composed of fiber-reinforced slab on grade concrete. Levels 2 through 7 are comprised of a 1-way post tension slab and girder system. The perimeter walls of the garage are constructed of cast-in-place concrete. The interior vehicle barrier system is composed of post-tensioned cables.
Civil engineering services include the implementation of an underground detention system to account for the required stormwater management. This stormwater facility will lie underneath the new garage and will outfall to the south. The current design accounts for 100% of the ultimate water quality volume (WQV) requirements to avoid future improvements being needed for this area.
The new parking garage features a state-of-the-art system of LED lighting fixtures to provide uniform, energy efficient illumination throughout the garage, cutting energy consumption by as much as 60%. This garage has designed lighting levels which exceed the requirements of both the National Parking Association and the Illuminating Engineering Society. Integral occupancy sensors, master control panels, automatic transfer switches to power an emergency generator and elevators, and electric vehicle charging stations were also part of these services.
Technology design includes voice/data infrastructure, wireless, blue light emergency phones, video surveillance, and access control. Mechanical and Fire Protection services were also provided.