Orangewood Place Parking Garage Repairs

Rosa & Berg Realty Group | Beachwood , Ohio
The Orangewood parking garage is comprised of a 62,848 SF single supported level and an enclosed slab-on-grade level below. The garage accommodates 300+ parking spaces and services the adjacent connecting Orangewood Place Office Building. This project involved conducting an on-site observation survey of the precast double tee structural system. The condition survey included a visual observation of the slabs, beams, columns, walls, and waterproofing materials, in addition to a mechanical sounding evaluation (chain drag) of the top surface of the supported deck. The deteriorated concrete areas were quantified, and a cost estimate was prepared for the various repair items. These repairs were then prioritized along with a list of alternate work items for the client to choose from to meet their budget restraints. Osborn then prepared specifications and constructions drawings that included repair details. Construction administration services were also provided for the duration of construction.