St. Thomas Parking Garage

Summa Health System | Akron , Ohio
The Summa Health St. Thomas Parking Garage is comprised of five structurally supported levels plus one slab-on-grade level. Originally constructed in the early 1970’s as a multi-level precast double tee structure, the facility was horizontally and vertically expanded in the early 1980’s comprising of a cast-in-place post-tensioned slab system supported by a structural steel frame. The space is open to patients, visitors, and employees of the hospital. At the request of the client, select beams in the garage were assessed and determined for immediate emergency shoring.
Osborn performed load calculations to determine the reactions and provide sketches to assist the contractor. A follow-up on-site observation survey of the entire garage was then performed. The condition survey included a visual observation of the slabs, beams, columns, walls, and waterproofing materials, in addition to a mechanical sounding evaluation (chain drag) of the top surfaces of the decks. The deteriorated concrete areas were quantified, and a report was prepared that included the types of repairs and their associated estimated costs. These repairs were then prioritized to include only the immediate and high priority repair items identified to meet the budget restraints of the client. Phased construction drawings were then prepared that included repair details as well as located the areas of repair. Construction administration services were also provided for the duration of construction.