Long Term Partnership

General Motors Corporation | Parma, Mansfield, & Lordstown , Ohio
The following list summarizes the multi-disciplined projects we have provided to General Motors over the past few years at their Parma, Mansfield and Lordstown locations.
  • Emergency Column Repair
  • Weld Water/Domestic Water System Modifications & Improvements
  • Fall Protection (numerous applications)
  • Fiber Optic Cable System Designs
  • Emergency Crane Column Repair & Reinforcement
  • Drainage Improvements for Walkways
  • Parking Lot Repaving & Stripping
  • Truck Scale Location Study
  • Parts Pressure Washer Installations
  • Platform Maintenance
  • Plant Wide Hydraulic Study of Weld Water Cooling System
  • Structural Analysis of Press Pit Foundations
  • Compressor Cooling Water System
  • Duct Work Modifications & Dust Curtain Design
  • A/C System Upgrades • Truss Analysis & Reinforcement
  • Structural Steel Design & Detailing
  • Stamping Press Installation
  • Upper Yard Light Pole Foundations
  • CMA Racks Inspection
  • Fire Water Storage Tank Assessment
  • Security Access Gates