Various Projects

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company | Worldwide


Osborn’s relationship with Goodyear dates to before the first blimp took to the air. An Osborn team member is regularly on site working on project estimates, coordinating and reviewing scope of work and engineering documents, and visiting Goodyear plants to help review and solve field problems. Osborn has had the opportunity to work on and provide design services for hundreds of projects for Goodyear’s domestic and foreign plants including tire plants, industrial rubber plants and tire test tracks.

A sampling of our larger, more notable projects include:

Conveyor Belt Plant - Marysville, OH
Air Springs Tech Center and Office - Green, OH
Test Tracks - Vehicle Dynamics Area - San Angelo, TX
Tire Test Facility - Americana, Brazil
Quad Extruder Building - Bangkok, Thailand
Tire Plant Modernization - Dalian, China
Aero Building (Airplane Tires) - Danville, VA
Existing Plant Retooling - Topeka, KS
Tire Plant Expansion - Union City, TN