NASA Energy Management Control System Expansion

NASA Glenn Research Center | Cleveland , Ohio
NASA performs energy audits and actively manages their energy in accordance with NASA directives and federal policies such as the Energy Independence & Security Act (EISA 2007).
As a result of the Energy Audit NASA requested, Osborn Engineering was asked to perform comprehensive upgrades to the energy management control system (EMCS) serving buildings 49, 77, 110 and 142. New Direct Digital Controls (DDC) were expanded in portions of buildings not currently under control of the EMCS or currently in use of pneumatic air pressure control. The project incorporated standalone systems and equipment into the EMCS. The enhanced energy saving strategies included supply air temperature reset, static air pressure, hot/chilled water reset, zone level occupancy sensor based set back of lightings and HVAC; differential pump reset, and meters based on building demands.
Project Highlights include:
  • $2 million overall project budget
  • Four buildings / 362,000 GSF
  • Co-authored updated NASA GRC energy management control system, utility metering, measurement & verification and commissioning specifications
  • Field verification of each controlled piece of equipment
  • Detailed cost estimates, phasing plans and CPM Schedule
  • Development and Update of the basis of design
  • Development of a whole building energy model for Building 49
  • Replaced front end computer, upgraded software, graphics and incorporated a weather station
  • All work occurred in an occupied building