NASA General Engineering Contract

NASA Glenn Research Center | Cleveland , Ohio
Osborn Engineering was awarded a general engineering services contract as part of the mbi | k2m team to support of the NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) in Cleveland, and the NASA Plum Brook Station in Sandusky. These services are required for projects to rehabilitate, repair, construct, modify, or demolish research and institutional facilities. The project size is typically less than $5 million total construction cost. Osborn's portion of this project was supplying various engineering services including mechanical, electrical, technology, civil and structural engineering.
Comprehensive Energy Audit
Osborn performed a comprehensive ASHRAE Level II energy and water audit (the “Energy Audit”) and prepared a detailed engineering and economic report that specifically identifies the energy/water improvements and operational changes that are recommended to be installed or implemented at each of these buildings at GRC: Building 60, 309, 34, 143, 16, 77, 100, 333, 51, 142, 302, 110, 341, 301. The report describes how utility tariffs are to be used to calculate savings for all ECMs.
Modifications for LTID Relocation
Osborn provided the comprehensive engineering design for the relocation of the LTID group on campus and transformed a warehouse structure to an office location.
Engineering Site Assessment Services 2 years various locations:
Glenn Research Center - B142 UPS Replacement
Glenn Research Center - Plumbing Repairs ERB
Glenn Research Center - ERB As-Builts
Glenn Research Center - Post Occupancy Evaluations (POE)
Marshall Space Center - Post Occupancy Evaluations (POE)
Glenn Research Center - B142 Scenic Lab Modifications Phase 4
Glenn Research Center - EMCS Expansion
Glenn Research Center - Exterior Restoration of SE Wing of Building 5