Grocery Stores

Heinen's | Various Locations , Ohio & Illinois
Heinen’s latest venture was one of their most strategic. In striving to serve the increasing residential population in downtown Cleveland, Heinen’s opened a new 33,000 SF market in the historic Ameritrust Rotunda. Osborn was tasked with providing MEP and Technology engineering services for this project, during which they were presented with the many engineering design challenges as would be expected when incorporating the grocery/market into a historic bank building. The store encompasses the first two floors of the Rotunda as well as the first floor of the adjacent 1010 Euclid Avenue building. The market includes a mixture of fresh, packaged foods, pre-prepared meals, and a fine wine department. Osborn also served as the engineer of record on the following locations:
Glenview, IL | The Glenview, IL market is 43,000 SF new facility located in the upscale Chicago suburb. Osborn worked closely with PCS and Professional Foodservice Design, Inc (PFDI) to coordinate and design all temperature and humidity control systems for the facility. Osborn was responsible for all MEP and Technology design services including lighting, power, HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, and interdisciplinary coordination. The new market includes a variety of departments including frozen foods, a café, produce and meat coolers, hot and cold kitchens, dairy, wellness, grocery, checkout areas, and supporting spaces.
Twinsburg, OH | As part of Heinen’s comprehensive re-imaging program, Osborn assisted PCS in the renovations for the 56,000 SF market. Osborn provided all the MEP and Technology Engineering services that included modifications to existing HVAC and fire protection systems, demolition and relocation of plumbing systems, lighting, and relocation of power. The areas of the store that were renovated include the bakery, floral and fruit department, check out, wellness, frozen foods, meats, cheese, food service, and an employee seating area.