Rhino Yard Expansion & Bull Barn

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo | Cleveland , Ohio
Osborn Engineering is providing Civil, Structural, and MEP design services for a new 1,200 SF 1-story CMU building at the rhino habitat. The $3 million project also consists of an additional rhino yard that will include rhino enrichment structures, misting areas, overhead shade, and a mud wallow for the herd of Eastern black rhinos.

A new viewing deck will also double the amount of viewing space currently available at the exhibit. An approximate 500-foot-long wall enclosing the rhino yard utilizes a large modular block retaining design and allows visitors accessible viewing areas.

Osborn‘s civil team provided peer review support for the Metroparks' civil site plan. Efforts included document review and discretionary recommendations for the Metroparks designed and published for the bid site plan. Osborn produced a recommendation letter which included a review of existing conditions, demolition, site layout plan, grading, utility, and detailed drawings.

Osborn’s MEP team provided heating, ventilation, plumbing, power, and lighting for the new Rhino Bull Barn. The team has been working closely with the zookeepers to ensure the rhino’s comfort within the barn. These efforts include a washing station for the rhinos, integrated water troughs, temperature controls to maintain the rhino’s natural habitat conditions during the wintertime, and other design considerations to work around the rhino’s and keeper’s safety.

Osborn provide interior lighting design for the new bull barn. In addition, decorative lighting was added to the new exhibit pathway which blended into the look of the wood viewing platform and walkway.