Recreation Centers Assessments and Upgrades

City of Cleveland | Cleveland , Ohio
Osborn worked with the City of Cleveland for assessments to assist in the upgrade of many of the City’s public recreation centers for various improvements with a focus in energy conservation and upgrades, water penetration, flooring and additional improvements.   Osborn is providing overall project management and design with DLZ as a major sub-consultant to the team.
Central Recreation Center
Roof Replacement, Energy Efficiency Upgrades (Controls & Lighting)

Cudell Recreation Center
Boilers, Controls, Exterior Doors, Lighting

Earle B. Turner
Gym Floor Refinishing

Estabrook Recreation Center
Radiators & Piping, Gym Floor, Energy Upgrades ( Controls, Lighting & Sensors)

Fairfax Recreation Center
Radiators & Piping, Air Handling Units, Tuck Pointing, Gym Floor & Additional Energy Upgrades)

Glenville Recreation Center
Roof Repairs, Pool Area Repairs & Additional Energy Upgrades)
Halloran Recreation Center
Pool Features Piping Repairs

John F. Kennedy Recreation Center
Roof Repairs, Fire Alarm, Energy Improvements (Water Heater, HVAC System, Controls & Lighting)

Kenneth L. Johnson Recreation Center
Radiators, Roof Repairs, Energy Improvements

Michael Zone Recreation Center
Water Intrusion Repairs

Stella Walsh Recreation Center
Water Heater, HVAC Control, Racquetball Court Upgrades & Additional Energy Upgrades

Thurgood Marshall Recreation Center
Boilers, Radiators & Piping, Energy Efficiency Upgrades