Restoration & Cathodic Protection

Existing Structures Engineering (ESE) is now a part of Osborn Engineering.
Structural Condition Surveys, Remediation, Corrosion Control.
ESE (founded in 2001) is an award winning professional engineering business specializing in the evaluation, remediation, and preservation of existing structures, plants, and facilities that have been compromised by corrosion, water intrusion, fire, overloading or other events. Corrosion control of engineered materials (e.g., steel, aluminum, concrete and wood) in the coastal environment is a specialty. ESE and Osborn Engineering offer expertise structural engineering coupled with corrosion control engineering. All too often, corrosion control was not being addressed with an engineering approach. Rather, corrosion control was driven by the latest fad or new product. Corrosion is an insidious, destructive force that cannot remain unchecked for very long. Structures can be adversely affected within only a few years. Success in combating corrosion demands specialists that understand how structural integrity is affected by corrosion, as well as the corrosive mechanisms at work.
  • Florida Milestone Inspections for Condominium and Cooperative Buildings
  • Condition Surveys & Evaluations
  • Repair & Remediation Design
  • Construction Engineering and Inspection
  • Preservation & Corrosion Control Engineering  (Structural reinforcement, topical application of a corrosion inhibitor on concrete and the installation of an elastomeric waterproofing system)
  • Corrosion Control Engineering (Material Selection, Inhibitors, Coating & Sealants, corrosion rate Monitor and Cathodic Protection)
  • Cathodic Protection Specialist (harnessing the potential voltage differences of dissimilar metals and/or applying an impressed current to mitigate corrosion.)

We can provide Cathodic Protection Specialist (CPS) services for construction oversight as required by FDOT and other agencies. All of ESE’s technicians are NACE certified and operate under the auspices of a NACE certified CPS who is also a registered Professional Engineer.

Our technical lead in Restoration and Corrosion Control, Byron Evetts, PE ( is an active leader in NACE, ACI, ICRI and FES and holds certifications as a NACE Coatings and Cathodic Protection Specialist.