Technology Design - Content Media and Entertainment

The paradigm shift with ‘International Technology’ has become boundary-less, with cross pollinating at all user levels. Our world has grown from; Kodak Carousel Projectors utilizing Ektachrome slides and overhead incandescent viewers, to highly sophisticated wireless control, high resolution imaging and a now combined 32 venue “Content Media” Entertainment Experience.  With the digitization of multi-media electronics, the content process has become a blend of converged tools that place no limits on the creative artist. Beginning with emerging prototypes at the turn of our millennium, orchestrated by the changing Network Television Broadcast Industry, NASA and US Military programs, this innovation of opportunities now includes the entire spectrum with “Next Gen” Mobile LTE 5G opportunities, introducing 8K and 120p formats.
The significant elements that have contributed to this dynamic transition would include; Mobile LTE (iPad/iPod/iPhone), Wireless 802.11, M2M, Social Media Networks, Fiber Hubbing, Bandwidth dividing, Satellite Banding, ‘V’ Cloud, Blended Data Analytics, Digital Asset Management, Automation Programs, Robotics, Microwave advancements, CJournalism Interactive, Telco networks, Telepresence, iPTV/Web/Internet transition and...Frequency / Spectrum advancements, actually going on presently, orchestrated by the United States FCC.