Specialized Engineering

For most modern day technology designs, specialized electrical engineering is required to facilitate proper grounding and bonding for the overall technology design. With tolerances to under 1 OHM this design component is critical to the proper operation of facility technology. At Osborn Content Media + Technology we are able to provide integrated, specialized electrical engineering expertise thereby delivering a comprehensive design for our clients.
The data rooms that house technology systems may have tight tolerance for humidity and temperature requirements that need to be maintained for optimum functioning of these advanced systems. Fully redundant systems are also required to meet the needs of a mission critical facility to ensure no downtime. Acoustic design for broadcast and content media environments is critical and must utilize low velocity, high volume air movement, duct silencers, and vibration dampening of equipment.
Osborn’s Content Media + Technology Group has staff with the expertise in these specialty areas to provide the necessary services to make your technology projects not just successful, but state-of-the-art.