2021 MEP Infrastructure Improvements

Bowling Green State University | Bowling Green , Ohio
Osborn Engineering is performing Structural and MEP  engineering services for the installation of chilled water lines and the replacement of the Ridge Street tunnel top. The chilled water lines will interconnect existing chilled water plants by installing a cross-connect pipe between two existing chilled water lines. The length of piping is approximately 1200 LF. There are also several alternates connecting two existing buildings that have excess capacity and using them to provide chilled water into the chilled water loop. This will allow the University to serve the campus from any of the three chilled water plants, have redundancy and will save them in energy consumption, maintenance costs and better serve the needs of the campus for cooling in academic buildings and residence dorms.
Osborn Structural engineers will be designing the Ridge Street tunnel top replacement. The tunnel is approximately 1300 LF long and has deteriorated over the years and requires replacement. New tunnel access hatches will be installed in the new tunnel top.