Westerly Ferric Chloride Tanks & Chemical Handling Building

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District | Cleveland , Ohio

Osborn Engineering served as the District’s lead consultant for this project that replaced the deteriorated ferric chloride tanks used for phosphorus removal that are housed within the Train Shed Building, while increasing space and capacity. The new ferric chloride and caustic tanks were installed in a new single story Chemical Handling Building at the same location as the existing Chemical Handling Building, which was demolished.

Osborn’s scope included a condition assessment, code review, and demolition of the existing Chemical Handling Building while maintaining utilities currently housed within the lowest level; design and construction of a new Chemical Handling Building; structural design and reinforcing to support the new ferric and caustic tanks; process improvements; mechanical, electrical and plumbing modifications; and fire protection services. In addition, Osborn had to reinforce and modify the adjacent Sludge Handling Building and Train Shed for access and temporary operations.  Osborn, along with our sub-consultants, implemented an equipment configuration that balances cost, constructability, volume and flexibility to accommodate future phosphorus removal needs and chemically enhanced high rate treatment (CEHRT).

The project posed many structural challenges, including: reinforcement of the existing shared columns between the Train Shed and existing Chemical Handling Building, modifications of the new Chemical Handling Building layout to reuse existing deep foundation elements, support of new ferric chloride and caustic tanks.