Concrete Restoration

Concrete Restoration is the act of repairing or restoring concrete that is deteriorated or damaged. Concrete integrity is important for both the safety, structure, and aesthetics of a building. Osborn’s structural group has specialized in concrete design and restoration for decades. Our knowledge of historical construction techniques and materials allows us to develop innovative solutions to complex structural problems.

Osborn’s background in restoration design of facilities is second to none. We have experience working in all types of concrete structures including stadiums, buildings, parking garages, and plazas. The concrete restoration process requires a high level of onsite support to the restoration contractor and constant communication with the owner, client, or stakeholder. Our process includes close attention to the work while it is being performed to ensure quality and quantification of repair areas. Experience and knowledge of specialty products is also very important in this profession as there is often a need for enhanced materials to properly perform a repair and/or to protect it. These products and techniques not only allow for repair of an immediate need but will also extend the useful life of a facility when an established repair/restoration program is properly followed.