Facade & Building Envelope

Building façade engineering is an area in which Osborn has a wealth of experience. Over the course of Osborn’s history, we have repaired and/or replaced facades in virtually all our current markets and in many states across the county. Osborn has worked with many façade-types, including brick, CMU, clay tile, terracotta, granite, sandstone, and limestone. Osborn’s multidisciplinary AE team can offer comprehensive in-house services, and we have the expertise within a single office to not only address the façade repairs, but also the secondary issues such as identifying energy savings opportunities, interfacing with mechanical systems, architectural considerations, potential life-safety aspects, and more. We are also sensitive to historical considerations that accompany older structures. We have employees dedicated to building façade engineering, and they participate in regular continuing education programs to learn about new techniques and materials. These employees readily share project experience with their colleagues to ensure that lessons learned are communicated company-wide.